Player Stories

  • Former Chicago Bears star, needed medical and financial assistance with his fight to battle Guillain-Barr Syndrome. GGAF has assisted with medical expenses and secured his treatment and rehabilitation through a pro-bono medical facility.
  • A retired offensive guard who played 10 years with the Oakland Raiders suffers from Dementia as well as a myriad of medical problems including orthopedic, kidney issues. Skyrocketing medical costs and his need to be in an assisted living facility has caused a huge hardship on his family. GGAF has provided funds for shelter, medical insurance premiums and utility bills.
  • Former San Diego Charger, homeless and living in his automobile, dealing with many medical and social issues. GGAF provided funds and assistance in securing temporary shelter
  • A former Philadelphia Eagle who played in the 1990’s and is too injured to work, and receives no disability, was provided with funds for his utilities and other financial assistance.
  • Former running back with the Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a kidney transplant. His friend/ former teammate donated one of his kidneys. He slipped into a coma while having an operation performed and was provided with funds for medical insurance, shelter, and utilities.
  • Former Guard for the Pittsburgh Steelering from financial hardships. GGAF paid for gas bill and provided ct cervical spine test pro bono – will be receiving pro bono spine surgery in coming months.
  • Former Defensive Tackle with the Cowboys, Saints and Bears, suffering financial hardship, has trouble working because of memory issues. GGAF helped pay rent so he wouldn’t be evicted.

Read the player stories below to see what has been accomplished thus far: